Purpose At Work

Purpose At Work

Jul 03, 2019

Purpose At Work: How Manitou's Purpose Guides Its Partnerships And Impact

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Today’s global leaders guide their companies with a higher purpose. Purpose acts as an illuminating compass for business strategy, employee engagement and collaborations with partners. By working towards solving issues larger than your brand or industry, you can scale business growth and positive impact in the process.

A global company doing innovative work to that end is the Manitou Group. The construction equipment manufacturer is aligning its business with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) using three key impact priorities: youth empowerment, environmental responsibility and building communities. Its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives are intertwined to those ends.

Manitou puts this strategy into practice by collaborating with platforms such as I Make America, “which advocates for policies that support manufacturing jobs and help America's equipment manufacturers compete globally.” Manitou's Elevation Frontiers initiative challenged universities around the world to come up with innovative solutions that will improve sustainability for Manitou and work toward the SDGs. The “I Make America” event brought together a wide coalition of partners and teams from five countries, as well as Wisconsin’s Lieutenant Governor, the Senator's office, representatives from the United Nations Global Council, the University of Wisconsin, and leadership from Manitou Group.

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