If you are looking to become a prospective supplier with Manitou Americas you have come to the right place! Below is some information on getting started.

Disclaimer: Once you start filling out this form you will not be able to save your work. This form should take approximately 30 mins to fill out. All fields with an * are required in order to continue to the next step. For a list of information you will need to complete this form you can check out our needed information document.

Prospective supplier

Thank you for your interest in Manitou Americas. We choose our suppliers following a rigorous sourcing process governed by company strategies and compliance guidelines.

On this page, you can make an application to become a potential Manitou Americas supplier. Before applying, you need to read and agree with the Manitou Americas Supplier Purchasing Charter and Manitou purchasing Terms and Conditions.

Once verified that your company profile matches our requirements, you are invited to register on the form.

All data collected will be available to the global purchasing community for a 12 month period. As part of our internal processes, we will review this information routinely, and make contact with you should we have further interest.


Please read the Supplier Purchasing Charter

Supplier Purchasing Charter

General information

Company Information

* Distributor
* Manufacture
* Service Provider

Production address (if different from above)

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General information (cont)

* Are you a current supplier to any Agricultural Equipment makers (OEM's)?

List major industries served

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Parent company information (if applicable)

Company References

* Do you have a written policy for review by Manitou in the following areas?
* Is your company a certified minority-owned business?
* Is your company a certified woman-owned business?
* Is your company a certified hub owned business?
* Is your company a certified veteran-owned business?
* Is your company a certified disabled veteran-owned business?

NAICS Number (North American Industry Classification System) - replace SIC system. For more information, visit https://www.census.gov/epcd/www/naics.html and select "NAICS to SIC" from the upper left section of the screen. Then select "Manufacturing" or other applicable group from Table 1 and continue isolating your busiiness description to get a 6-digit NAICS code. If your company is selected to be a supplier to Manitou, a MAICS numer is required


Quality Systems

ISO/TS-16949; 2002 version certified?
ISO-9001; 2000 version certified?
AS/EM-9100 certified?
ISO-14000 certified?

In reference to above certifications: If No, attach plans with timeline for achieving certification. Plans should include Key activities, timing and responsibilities for completion of each activity.

Attach plans here:

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* Is your production facility a certified supplier for any other customer?
* Do you have a quality manual?
* Does your production facility hold any other certifications?


Do you have the capability to design and build in-house?

* Tools to be used in the manufacture of product?
* Gauges/fixtures to be used in the verification of Manitou products?
* Do you have prototype capabilities?
* Do you have a facilities list?
Attach facilities list:

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Engineering Capabilities

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