How GEHL Serves Wine.

When it comes to producing wine, Gehl skid loaders, track loaders, and articulated loaders turn hard work into quick work. That’s because they’re designed to do what other loaders can’t—where other loaders

Thanks to a wide range of models, you get the power and utility options you need to get the job done yourself, from excavation and vineyard installation to maintenance and harvest—no matter your longitude, latitude, terrain, or terroir.

    Highly beneficial for vineyard installations and excavations, Gehl radial-lift skid loaders excel at excavating, grading, and digging below-grade applications.
    When your excavation demands more—Gehl vertical-lift loaders are designed to do all the heavy lifting. That’s because they’re designed for maximum lift capacity, superior strength, better operator
    visibility, and more reach than any other vertical-lift skid loader in the market.
    The smooth all-terrain operation of Gehl track loaders and exclusive IdealTrax™ makes it possible to get more done with less while inflicting minimal ground damage.

    Versatile and compact, Gehl articulated loaders maneuver freely in tight places. The ability to seamlessly transition from application to application makes them ideal for vineyard excavations and jobs that require heavy-duty capabilities without compromising the soil.

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Heavy-Duty Grapple - Handle and clear brush, stumps,
and debris with ease.
Backhoe - Harness (literally) groundbreaking power to
prep for planting and/or laying utility lines.
Brush Mower - Perfect for clearing heavy weeds,
undergrowth, brush and small saplings.
Land Leveler - Ideal tool for starting or expanding your
vineyard - or to finish grading before planting new 
seeds for the season.
Preparator - Easily till the soil and collect rocks to ensure 
optimal planing conditions.
Trencher - Quickly dig rows and irrigation paths to help
speed up planting.
Post Driver - Digging posts for wine trellises has never
been simplier.
"Gehl and its attachments were essential to putting in our vineyards." - Scott Pruett

Shortly before retiring from professional racing, champion racecar driver Scott Pruett made an unexpected turn to winemaking. Driven by a whole new purpose, he and his wife Judy estabilished Pruett Vineyard in Northern California  in 2006. Ever since, their wines have been nationally recognized - and they recognize Gehl for helping it make it possible. 

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